To The Moon Minkoff

rebecca minkoff fall 2013 fashion show



Although I haven’t even acknowledged the arrival of New York Fashion Week I am very well aware of her presence. I have actually been living on all week catching hourly updates from all the shows. I’ve been running away from this post because part of me is a little bitter I’m not there. When I saw the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2013 clips from the runway I decided it was time to stop running.

Fashion and style for the most part is repetitive. Every trend will eventually resurface. Knowing this, when I look to judge a designers preview collection on the runway I look for risks to be taken. I want to see the designer step outside of his or her own personal comfort zone. I feel like we have all seen every silhouette, fabric, color and print in some form or another on the runway before. Judging fall and spring previews by the risk factor is the best way I can differentiate the pieces I have seen over and over again.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2013 preview blew me away. After reading the article on I learned that her inspiration came from a Neil Armstrong quote: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”. You can see the relationship to this inspiration in each one of her pieces. There were holographic heels, leather biker jackets that channeled space suits, galaxy printed graphic tees, baggy silk shorts, tom boyish pants, and a canary yellow boxy shift dress, just to name a few. My favorite piece from the runway (along with everyone else) is the black and white tweed coat with a shearling trim collar and accents of the same canary yellow in her other pieces. I think Rebecca Minkoff does an exceptional job every season and she continues to surprise me and grow as a designer. I’m excited to see Spring 2014!
Might I add that she made it possible for fashion show attendees to order pieces directly off the runway from her Fall 2013 collection. As if not attending NYFW wasn’t bad enough for me, this was practically like turning a stiletto in my stomach.