Janessa Leone Fedora Hat

Janessa Leone Fedora Hat

Hats have become somewhat of a necessity to my wardrobe over the past few years. Something about the perfect hat gives me a feeling of empowerment, not sure why? Or if this even has any relevance, but it’s often the one piece I use to complete an unfinished look. Before belts, before jewelry, sunglasses, even shoes sometimes I gravitate toward which hat I’m going to wear. Wearing an oversized romantic large brim hat with something chiffon, long and unraveling is my absolute favorite.

Two things for the hat connoisseur:

1. The best way to store your hats would be the obvious, in a large box, but sometimes we don’t have the space. The best way to store a hat that doesn’t have a super stiff brim is essentially upside down on its crown (the part that sits on your head). This way the brim doesn’t flatten. Obviously this differs depending on the style, but most wide brim floppy fedoras should be stores this way to keep their shape.
2. You can always downsize, but it’s harder to stretch a hat on your own. I had no idea until a month ago that sizing a hat could be so easily done myself. There’s something called –hat size reducer- and it works wonders. Hats are always too large on me and basically drown my face and almost cover my eyes. With these little foam cushions you can stick them under the flap inside the crown to get the perfect fit in any hat that may be too large. This little trick has changed my hat life as I know it! You can order the reducer here.

Below you can shop some of my favorite hats right now, most are under $100 and $50 and just a few styles are over $100 price point.

Happy Hat Hunting!