Celine black aviator sunglasses
Holliman Clothing Mesh Black Skirt
Holliman Clothing Mesh Skirt Venice Beach
Proenza PS11 Black Messenger Bag
Fallon Jewelry Black Leather Bracelet Cuff
Proenza PS11 Large Black Messenger
Celine Black Aviator Sunglasses
Celine black aviator sunglasses
3.1 Phillip Lim Black Booties
3.1 PHILLIP Lim booties fashion blogger
Celine black aviator sunglasses

Holliman :: top & skirt, order here
Celine :: sunglasses
Phillip Lim :: boots/similar
Proenza :: bag
Fallon :: cuff
Tiffany Kunz & Wendy Nichol/similar :: statement rings
Stella&Bow :: stack rings

There are certain things in life, I feel have so many layers that have to be peeled back before getting to know the real thing or person. This skirt is just that to me. There are so many different personalities within this one article of clothing. There are different fabrics and layers, an unfinished raw hem barely sweeping the ground. I didn’t plan on wearing Holliman from head to toe, but it happened. When a designer is that good, their pieces end up being worn just as they designed them, together. The aesthetic between the top and skirt are exactly the same and play very well off each other. I have to add that my favorite thing about the duo is obviously the mesh. Nude mesh along the forearm of the top (slightly showing off my ink), and the unfinished mesh at the hem of the skirt. Perfection at it’s best.