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Hi guys, Madison here! Currently I’m covered in self tanning lotion, which got me thinking. I wanted to chime in here and give you guys a run down of a topic that is super important to my own personal beauty regimen… that, in fact, is self tanning. Courtney is super lucky because all she has to do is step outside for .2 seconds and get some color…me, not so much. I turn bright red if anything so you won’t often find me laying out and getting bronze-y results. In my life, color comes in a bottle. I’m a huge fan of a good tan, and honestly it’s become really addicting. I know that nothing may beat the look of a real glow, but I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you guys and have tried what feels like hundreds of self tanners and spray tanners, and have found my favorites on rotation. With the following products, I’ve never had a streaky tan, a way-too-orange tan, or a tan i’ve spent endless hours scrubbing off after a bad application. I swear, it’s fool proof. Keep in mind, giving these a try in place of a natural tan from the sun may give your skin extra years of healthy life….serious added bonus!

St. Tropez Applicator mit– This is a MUST have. You can’t get an even, easy to apply tan without applying the product to one of these. This one is my favorite. I recommended stocking up on a few at a time.

Easy-to-reach back applicator– Something that is a game changer for hard to reach areas.

St. Tropez express bronzing mousse– I use this one the most, and It’s been my #1 for a bit. It’s cool too because you don’t need to sleep in it and leave it on any longer than 3 hours before rinsing! I usually leave on for 1 and a half to two hours for a light/medium tan that fits my skin tone well. It’s cool to customize with this staple product. The self tan smell verdict is not so bad with this favorite!

Fake Bake flawless self tanner-This one is the first one that really worked for me. It gives amazing and natural results. Although Im more of the girl to gravitate towards express formulas i can rinse off asap, this one is a good formula that doesn’t stain your sheets or smell horrific either!

Loving tan 2 hour express– This also does a similar thing at the previous product, but I find it’s a darker tan on my skintone. I use this one more in the summer If I am looking to get a more serious tan that’s more out there. Bonus, It also doesnt have that self tanner smell as strongly!

James reed tanning mist– I don’t usually tan my face with self tanner, Im more inclined to try a face specific product or just amp up my bronzer application during makeup throughout the week. This is a nice and gradual face option in my book.

Clarins liquid bronze self tanning– Speaking of face, this amazing stuff is the only self tanning face product Ill get near my pores. Doesn’t clog, doesn’t look unnatural. It’s perfect and glowy.

One love Organics vitamin C body oil– I always moisturize throughout the week with this amazing oil. Really keeps my tan in tact for longer. It’s extremely important to keep your skin extra hydrated after self tanning to keep it in tip top shape.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc shimmering body oil– Im honestly obsessed. End of story. I like using it on my freshly tanned skin to enhance the glow if I’m doing something special or feel extravagant.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer– And last product but never the least, this is my favorite makeup bronzing product. When my body is extra tan, I add a little more of a generous amount of this to my makeup regimen and boom, best tan ever.

Also, If you’re looking for an actual spray tan, the only location I’ve had perfect tans from is Bronzed. Check to see if there is a location near you!

Extra tips:
-Be careful of areas like elbows, hands, heels of feet etc. I tend to apply a very thin layer of a mild lotion on these areas about 15 minutes before i tan so the color doesnt build up. Anywhere else dry on your body, do the same! Also, don’t apply too much product on underarms, if at all!

-Prior to applying product it’s good to exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before. Make sure to apply product to clean skin free of oils, lotions, or fragrance.

Have you guys tried any of these? Anything else I should try that I didn’t mention here!?