Coachella festival on grass

Hi guys, I love music more than fashion, here are my thoughts on Coachella 2018 LINE-UP!

Honestly, I’m not super impressed with the lineup this season. It’s probably my least favorite lineup yet. I am SUPER STOKED on Eminem which is surprising because I normally don’t get excited about the headliners. Something that makes me bummed is when Coachella throws in bands and performers that we just saw a year or few ago. This season for 2018 I’m seeing a ton of repeats from the 2015 lineup, which was obviously one of the best!! I don’t mind when they book a band in a super early time slot/on a small stage, because they’re new, and then we see them pop up again the next year or the following year as one of the main acts, because they’ve blown up. In this case this year I feel like the repeats are some of my favorite, but they were big in 2015 and they’re just as big now, so it annoys me because I feel like they should bring in some newer acts!

Another point I want to express and touch on, especially for people going to the festival that don’t really care about music…. Please remember this weekend isn’t about you, it’s about the artists that have been working their entire lives for this moment, to play a massive music festival. Of course it’s about the people in a sense of feeling the music and experiencing the time of your life while seeing a show, but just remember to maybe at least educate yourself on a few bands that are playing and go see them! Like I said, they’ve been working their entire lives for this moment, it’s the dream and they deserve a massive amount of respect. They aren’t there to play in the back ground, THEY ARE PLAYING THE MAIN ACT, ALL OF THEM, THEY ARE THE REASON YOU GET TO GO PARTY ALL WEEKEND WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND POST YOUR LOOKS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I have a fashion blog, of course I am going to post some of what I wear, but that’s just background noise to me, it’s definitely my last focus for the weekend, my main is the performers. No one cares what you wear, who you were seen with, etc… they want to see music, so show people some music this year if you haven’t in the past!

Since we’re speaking of clothes now, I guess I’ll highlight one thing.. Bring warm layers, when the sun goes down it gets FREEZING!! I’ve worn fur at night in the past. You don’t want to be the girl running around shaking because you didn’t remember to pack a coat and you’re in some slutty ensemble. Pack something warm for nighttime please! Don’t be one of those girls I make fun of!… JK I would never 😉

On the grass in Coachella holding hands

Another very important thing for festival go-ers that like music-ha, The Do LaB is a stage set off to the side with its own small area and has some of the best music and acts I’ve ever seen at Coachella. It’s where the true music junkies hang out, and they also have surprise performances every day that they pull from the main stages and these are typically announced on social media an hour before they play. For example last year Autograph played one of the main stages and then Do LaB had them DJ the last act of Sunday night. Normally, they’ll play different music you couldn’t even google if you tried, on spot. This is so freaking cool, to see a main act up close at a small stage like this, everyone dances and its way more intimate to see the bigger performers this way. Autograph’s set on Sunday night last year was in my top 5 favorite list of that entire weekend. Follow Do LaB on twitter and insta to see the secret/surprise performers. They also have a regular line up as well.

I don’t want to make a playlist this year, because it’s kind of all over the place with genres of music, but just go to Spotify and Hype Machine and play the most liked songs if you want to educate yourself!

Lastly, take care of your body. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and don’t put anything in your mouth that you don’t know where it came from :p Hydration and eating are really smart though, you don’t want to be the girl or guy throwing up on the side lines. I passed out one year of heat stroke at 2pm after dancing too hard in front of the stage to Santigold. I didn’t have one sip of alcohol/didn’t smoke anything/didn’t take anything at all, I literally just passed out from dancing for 45 minutes straight without enough water, and they made me go to the cooling tent and had medics come, it was scary! Drink H20!

Have fun and be safe.

This is my 10th year attending, sometimes I turn my phone off, if you see me say HI & dance with me!


Acts I’ll be seeing…

I graduated high school in 05’, so you can imagine Eminem was the holy grail for me and my friends growing up. I knew every song, every lyric, everything.. STOKED to see him live for the first time, really nostalgic for me!

I haven’t seen them live yet, I’m actually REALLY FUCKING excited to see them live!!! One of my top 5 for sure this season.

I’ve seen Kygo a few times… really really great performance, but his music is a little played out I feel, if you haven’t seen him though, deff. catch the show!

Moon Boots
I listen to a lot of his music on the regular, haven’t seen him yet live!

Slow Magic
Never seen live, but I like a few songs.

St. Vincent
I’ve seen her live a few times, always a really solid show, tons of energy, deff. seeing her again this season.

The Neighbourhood
Never seen them, but excited for this!

I’ve seen them, if you haven’t seen them you would be majorly fucking up if you missed this! I’m really stoked because it’s always such an amazing performance! Another repeat offender of 2015.

Love Chromeo, seen them a bunch, if this doesn’t clash with anything else I’ll deff see half of the show or more depending.

Django Django
I don’t love them but it should be a good performance and I may catch a few songs of theirs, and if I’m impressed and feeling it I’ll stay.

Fleet Foxes
Never seen them, chill day time music you want to smoke a joint to and sit in the grass, hopefully they play around 6pm, the light and vibe will be just right.

HAIM I’ve seen Haim before, they’re solid, obviously see this if you have or haven’t seen Haim.

Jungle Top 5 for sure, Never seen them live, this is something you want to listen to at 9pm when you’re starting to feel whatever is running through your veins. I hope they don’t play when its light out, sun needs to be down for this or going down.

Louis The Child
I like a few songs, I’ll see this.

She used to play small shows in Hollywood back in the day when I used to party 10 years ago, really special performer and tons of stage presence!!

Petit Biscuit
I’m a new fan to this young artist, he’s only 18!!! What a dream to play Coachella for him! Really excited to see him this year! Top 5 for sure.

Portugal. The Man First timer!!! I’m stoked for this performance, I feel like it will be fun to dance to live! In my top 5 for sure this year.

Vance Joy
I’ve seen them before, really high energy show, you must see if you haven’t seen them before, or even if you have!! I’m just a little confused as to why Coachella booked them again since they played Coachella 2015?

REALLY REALLY strong high energy fun to dance to live. I’ve seen them live before and it was one of my favorites at Coachella 2015. Another repeat from 2015!!

On the grass in Coachella