Park tights and red carpet Wolford holiday

Wolford pearl tights holiday

Wolford pearl tights by large white door

Alyx red trousers in Victorian hotel

Alyx red trousers in Victorian hotel

Pearl Wolford tights Hotel Bristol

PEarl tights in traditional old hotel red carpets

Hotel Bristol Salzburg room key

Wolford socks on red carpet

Wolford Pearl tights by white door

Rouje red dress by floral curtains

Hotel Bristol and rouje red dress

Lorod cord suit by floral bedspread

Lorod cord suit by floral bedspread with pink wig

Lorod cord suit by floral bedspread

Hotel Bristol red dress

Rouje red dress by floral curtains

Cherry dress by traditional painting

Lorod cord suit by floral bedspread sleeping

Rouje cherry dress on bed

Green trousers and black beret Victorian wallpaper

Green trousers by large white doors

Gucci skirt turning on television

Gucci skirt by large white doors

Green fur trimmed coat by traditional artwork

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Took my final train of the trip to Salzburg. Like I said the train is cute and if I didn’t have five suitcases I would be down, but this was the last train for me. Okay, the hotel I stayed at in Salzburg was incredible! The Property that is now called “Hotel Bristol” dates back to the 16th century and is located right across the street from Mozart’s residence. Hotel Bristol is now decorated with Victorian beauty, a full marble bathroom, floral print everything (WHICH I LOVE) in the room, and the service is top of the line.

Rouje red dress, HERE

Lorod cord suit, HERE and HERE, ON SALE

Wolford bodysuit, HERE
Celine green trouser, similar HERE
Vintage hat
Vintage jacket

Wolford dess, HERE
Wolford pearl tights, HERE

Wolford socks, HERE
Manolo Blahnik heels, HERE

Realisation Par cherry dress, HERE

Great Eros top, HERE
Gucci skirt, HERE

Pamplemousse coat, HERE

Red floral curtains looking out at Salzburg

Naked woman facedown on bed under red floral pillows

Nude chandelier Salzburg Austria

Wolford set after shower drinking water

Salzburg out the window

Love lock bridge Salzburg

A list of things I did in Salzburg that you must do/see, visit the Mozart residence, walk through the Mirabell Palace (where they filmed sound of music!!!), more Christmas markets, and walked across the Makartstecg bridge. I also visited a mid century vintage store which was very reasonably priced and had really cool glass wear, furniture, accessories, definitely recommend stopping by “Jet Lag”. The restaurants I ate at in Salzburg were really on point. I had lunch twice at Heart of Joy Cafe Vegan restaurant, and bought some teas as gifts to take home. When I’m visiting a smaller city and its a little harder to find food I love, I get stuck on the same places that I trust. That said, I also dined at Afro Cafe twice. The food at Afro Cafe was South African cuisine, and I wish we had one in LA!!! I had breakfast and dinner here. The restaurant sits right below this rock that overlooks the city and even has apartments built right in front of it. It’s trippy. You have to see it in real life to understand what I’m talking about. Salzburg was fun.

Wolford bra, HERE
Wolford panties, HERE

Woman in white robe with room service tray drinking coffee

Pinakothek Museum Munich art collage

Pinakothek Museum photographs on wall

Pinakothek Museum blonde in front of artwork


The final destination. This time I took a taxi. It was $300 to get from Salzburg, Austria to Munich. I stayed at a very nice hotel called Hotel Bayerischer Hof, very old school the way they run things, with top of the line service and amenities. I didn’t spend much time in this hotel, because I wanted to explore Munich. Museums are another thing I really enjoy doing when I travel. Something that really inspires me in my career and generally in life. I visited one of my favorite museums to date, The Pinakothek Museum. You have to visit this museum to see for yourself but there were so many inspiring installations, cars, artwork from Cy Twombly, Franz Kline, Schlemmer, Raderscheidt, Picasso, photography by Araki which was one of my favorite exhibits that I saw on the entire trip. Listen, I know about artists, but I don’t know a ton or even close to anything to call myself an art connoisseur. I can recognize a piece by Condo and Rothko because I love their work and I’m sure a lot of people can, but I am no art guru. To remember the exhibits I see since I have a hard time remembering them all I like to hit up the gift shop and buy a coffee table book or some post cards with my favorite artists artwork and exhibits I just saw at the museum. I bought two books of Araki’s work. I only had two hours at this museum, you need about four to five if you really want to get the most of it! Another museum that was way smaller, Haus Der Kunst, but definitely tied for first place with the Araki photo exhibit was the Thomas Struth photography exhibit called “Figure Ground”. If you’re anywhere this exhibit is showing I 100% recommend seeing this! Now that I think back, this was probably my favorite. On the museum front, the last exhibit I saw was at the Louie Vuitton Espace located right next to the store in Munich. Its a tiny space that showcases art work that LV’s collection is inspired by, and now houses an installation by Ian Chang.

Munich park during fall

Anonie black fur coat in Germany

Statue in Munich with pink building behind

Gardens and pink building in Munich Germany

Fall leaves in Munich in park

Black and white Celine glasses in Munich

German architecture in Munich park

Munich English Garten during fall

The best meals I had in Munich were at a lunch spot (not sit down) called Urban Soup, and dinner or lunch at Halali. I had truffle pasta and soup at Halali and they were both incredible. White truffles are in season and they were incredible here! Also, a huge fan of Rimowa suitcases, and if you know about Rimowa, you know they’re $$$$. Well, they aren’t as much in Germany! I finally got my first big Rimowa suitcase. I’ve had the carryon for quite some time and it’s been thrown around all over the place and still standing the true test of time. Their suitcases really are worth it if you spend every week on a plane like me. If you’re in Germany stop by the store and get some major savings!!!!

Anonie black fur coat on park bench in autumn

Anonie coat, HERE
Alyx red trousers, HERE
Dorateymur red boots, HERE

Oh and something I forgot to mention that is probably pretty self explanatory… dress in layers. IT’S COLD during the holidays over there!

I had the most incredible trip, the cities I saw in Austria and Germany were filled with beautiful scenery and people.