Two weeks ago I finally took a trip to Austria and Germany that has been much anticipated since I have been working with Wolford for the past few months. The high-end hosiery brand doesn’t just specialize in, well, hosiery, but branches out to leggings, bodysuits, and clothing. Why Austria? Well, because Bregenz, Austria is home to Wolford’s headquarters and manufacturers. Eight full days, five cities, three countries (well technically two because I didn’t see much else of Switzerland than the airport), and a lot of sight seeing, eating etc… here is my full travel guide on anything you need to know when traveling to these cities in the winter season…..

Nanushka oversized jacket, similar HERE
Lorod top, HERE
George Keburia sunglasses, HERE
The Row bag, similar HERE
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Dorateymur boots, HERE


Wolford’s actual headquarters which were insanely intricate and MASSIVE. They have a Wolford store and outlet store on sight that I HIGHLY suggest checking out. There was a sample sale going on and I bought a Swarovski crystal tube top for 80% off. Winning. We also ate at the Wolford cafe, also on sight. I had chicken schnitzel, one of my favorite meals in general and an Austrian must. I spent most of the first day touring the Wolford headquarters, where they do almost everything on sight! Its insane and amazing!

For two nights in Bregenz I called SeeHotel home. The SeeHotel is the best Bregenz has to offer with breathtaking views of Lake Constance. I ate really delicious coffee and bagels at Cafesito and visited the Kunsthaus Museum where they had an installation of the museums own Peter Zumthor’s (the museums architect) book collection. Really inspiring to see that many books all at once from every time frame possible. When I travel I pull inspo. from all over and looking at all the covers and writing styles etc.. was very inspiring for me. I stopped at Xocolat, a chocolate shop and tasted the best milk chocolate I’ve ever had. We walked to the top of Bregenz and saw the view of the city which was breathtaking, also the houses on top of the hill were architecturally pleasing for the eye. Some really cool modern houses, and some restored to their original looks. Bregenz was quaint and the people were charming.

Wolford dress, HERE

Missoni jacket, similar HERE
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I took a car to Hotel Gasthof, in the Bregenz Forest, where I only stayed the night. This hotel gave me Chateau vibes (if you’re familiar with LA), but on a smaller scale. It was very quaint and Bed and Breakfast style. The house was built in 1601 and the decor is elegant with a mix of mid century/contemporary accents and art work. The book collection in the library has some of my favorite artists, and I spent a few hours sifting though coffee table books that I now need to go buy. The atmosphere was warm and cozy and the schnitzel was delicious. I only stayed here in between cities because my train to Innsbruck was close to this hotel. Definitely my favorite decor of the trip at this hotel!!!!

Wolford tights, HERE

Wolford bodysuit, HERE

Rouje dress, HERE
Chanel sparkle boots, similar HERE

Nanushka sweater, HERE
Wolford tights, HERE
Wolford dress, HERE

Rouge red dress, HERE
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Okay.. going to take a little detour from listing out cities to talk about CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!!!
I never knew about these Christmas Markets, but they’re a really big thing in Austria and Germany specifically. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!! It’s like an outdoor street market with an explosion of everything holiday and cheer. Some are small and some are REALLY MASSIVE. You can buy ornaments, toys, soap, street food, you can drink alcohol outside and walk around with these little coffee mugs they serve mulled wine in, called “gluhwein”. Hot mulled wine. It’s delicious and I walked around drinking it the whole time and carted home all my mugs to remember each city. The Christmas Markets in Bregenz and Innsbruck were smaller, the one in Salzburg was bigger, and the market in Munich was out of this world. HUGE! These markets really make it feel like Christmas and you have to eat and shop and do everything merry if you’re anywhere near these cities over the holidays.



Okay… starting now I took the train to get from point A to point B. A really, really, really practical way to travel, and scenic/pretty, if you don’t pack a ton. If you know me, you know I pack 5 suitcases no matter how long I’m gone for, or where I’m going. Its just my style. It was fun but by the third city I ditched the train for a car… LOL.. I stayed at a very modern hotel called Adlers, with a pretty view, meh on the food, but the view was pretty and the service was on point, and I loved my time at this hotel. Adlers hotel was also very central/walking distance from anywhere you need to get.

Courreges sweater, similar HERE
Eckhaus Latta pants, HERE
Celine sunnies, HERE

Pamplemousse coat, HERE
Via Spiga boots, HERE
Leowe bag, HERE

So, as you know, Italy is very close to Austria, which means find yourself an Italian joint that has good reviews and you’re golden! I found myself eatings at Il Convento twice! Both nights. It was that good. The Branzino, truffle pasta, and bread were all excellent. Fav. meal of my trip. Also, explored Christmas Markets and little antique shops were I discovered little teacups with dragons that I later found are collectibles. They’re by Meissen, and I want to collect the entire set of china for my home. I guess I’ll be hunting forever for all these pieces. A perfect example of how traveling inspires my home and the pieces that make it personal. Lastly, I ate poppy seed and apple strudel at The Strudel Cafe. SO DELICIOUS!

Anonie coat, HERE
Wolford tights, HERE
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Part 2 coming soon…