ALWAYS JUDGING – 1. having an opinion of what’s in front of you. 2. Judging your own thoughts and how you feel about what is being presented. 3. A person who has a really strong feeling about clothes.

Welcome to AlwaysJudging. 11 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania… for the weather. On the first day of 2013 I started my blog – when I was a brunette, before I was a blonde, before I went back to being a brunette, before I had pink hair. And Since I started this site I now have 305,000 close personal friends – most of which I haven’t even met. This is a glimpse into my life and the most important part of my day (and hopefully yours) getting dressed. Facts – my style changes often and I enjoy showing both the masculine and feminine sides of my dressing. No matter how much time passes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be my forever style muses. I hope that besides all the clothes, shoes, bags, drugs, sunglasses, and beauty you see me rant about, you will get to know my other interests: natural wine – Contadino being my numero uno. Cleanliness is close to godliness and I have a high appreciation for beautiful bathrooms. My personal favorite will be my second home, The Ludlow Hotel in NYC. If none of this interest you, do it for the music.


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