Chanel lip gloss and bare legs

Chanel beauty with lights

Chanel beauty products opened flatlay

Red lipstick with white shirt and sky

Chanel red lipstick with white shirt and sky

Chanel beauty products on nightstand

Chanel red lipstick with white shirt and sky

Chanel beauty blonde in black shirt

Chanel lip gloss in mirror black background

Chanel beauty boxes

Chanel shimmer in mirror

Chanel shimmer in mirror

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  1. So pretty! I love how authentic you are! I watched the instastory of you unpacking your new boots YOU bought with your money! Loved everything you said and it ALL made sense! I am old enough to be your mother but I love following you and seeing how you style clothes. Such a great job and so refreshing! I showed my daughter your profile and she said “she looks like a badass” (In a good way😬😬) and I replied she is a bad ass and I LOVE IT!! An old soul! Keep it up!!

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