Treatment for glowy skin

Mario Badescu Pink Acne

Glossier Acne treatment

Mario Badescu pimple pink cream

2 responses to “SPRING 2017 BEAUTY REPORT: Glowing

  1. I love the packaging of these products – I need to try a few of these just for that 🙂


  2. I have the problem with dry skin because some medication and gets worse with the heat and at same time I have issues with oily so I need to hidrates my skin but NOT TO MOISTURE IT! Everything in aqua base for face and oils for the skin in body; I noticed the drink only water is not completely enough for me but I need more fresh juice, and coconut water works like miracle! You should give a try! For the hair ph balanced shampoos for sensitive scalp no salt products and honey and roses infusion works great! I love your photos! Thanks for posting something like this. I love this evening entry!

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