Chocolate brown leather jacket grungy


Laer Brand x Always Judging leather jacket, HERE

If you guys are interested in ordering custom colors in my Laer x Always Judging Collab, they’re available in this brown, orange and red as well! Message @Laer_brand on IG and all custom orders will be placed there <3

Brown leather is all over the place right now, I actually made this jacket about two years ago with Laer, it just took that long to get it perfect. Everyone told me I was crazy for designing it in brown as well, I guess everyone was wrong 😉 haha…..

Honestly, though, I want everything in chocolate brown leather from now until infinity!


Laer x Always Judging brand collab

Sepia leather jacket Laer Brand

Laer x Always judging leather jacket brown

Courtney Trop x Laer leather jacket brown

Brown leather jacket with red skirt